How Much Money Do ATMs Hold?

An ATM (Automated Teller Machine) can hold up to $200,000. However, this amount can vary due to different factors, including the machine’s frequency of use, time of day, and location. There are currently over 470,000 ATMs in service in the US.

ATMs within banks can be filled with up to $200,000 at once; however, when it comes to retail-based ATMs, the value of notes it holds can vary. 

The money in an ATM is held in boxes called “cassettes.” Each of these cassettes is loaded with one denomination. 

Most ATMs in the US only dispense $20 or $50 bills. It isn’t common to see other values dispensed, but again this can vary. 

Typical machines have four cassettes: two for $20 bills and two for $50 bills. Each cassette holds up to 2,000 notes, so there are 4000 $20 bills and 4000 $50 bills in one cash machine. 

How Often Are the ATMs Refilled?

It depends on the location and the machine’s frequency of use.

Some machines are filled daily, while others weekly or even monthly. ATMs located at the bank are going to be refilled by the bank itself. However, there are a few different refilling options for standalone machines. 

If a business is the owner of the ATM, they may refill the machine on their own. Typically they will fill it with $2,000 to $5,000 in $20 bills. But it’s up to the ATM’s owner to decide how much a particular machine requires.

Alternatively, a third party may fill the ATM if there is an agreement between the business and the ATM provider. 

How Much Money Can You Withdraw From ATMs?

The withdrawal limits depend on the bank and your account status. They can vary from $300 to $3,000. Let’s look at some bank withdrawal limits below:

  • Bank of America: $1,500
  • Chase: $1,000 (or $3,000 from a Chase in-branch ATM)
  • Wells Fargo: Varies, depending on account status
  • Citibank: $1,000
  • US Bank: $500

There isn’t one clear-cut answer when it comes to how much cash an ATM holds since many factors affect that. But don’t worry! Even if the ATM is running out of money ahead of schedule, it’s easy to have it refilled before it’s emptied out due to the installed tracking systems that monitor the amount of money withdrawn. 

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