Best-Paying Jobs in Metal Fabrications and Salaries

Metal fabrication is a rewarding career choice with ample room for advancement and growth. If you are a person who enjoys working the hands of your employees, paying keen attention to details, and producing top-quality products, you could make a good income for your talents. Looking into the lucrative careers in the field of metal fabrication will help you select the right career path that is compatible with your background and long-term goals. We look at some of the highest-paying jobs in the field of metal fabrication and the fundamental responsibilities of each job.

The top 11 jobs that pay the most in metal fabrication

When you get experience in the field of metal fabrication and gain experience, you could earn salary of up to $50,000. For the most up-to date Indeed salary, follow the following links:

1. Ironworker

The national average salary is $51,453 per year

Ironworkers’ primary duties include is accountable for shaping steel and iron structures and putting them in place to form the frame for bridges, roads, or other buildings. They are able to heat, cut, and shape iron beams, scaffolding, and lifting. Ironworkers join iron pieces together, strengthen the iron with concrete, operate large machinery, fix buildings and adhere to safety rules. Ironworkers keep their equipment in good condition as well as clean their tools. They also keep track of their the process of construction.

2. Millwright

Average national salary: $56,489 a year

Millwrights are the primary workers. They is a worker on industrial equipment at the construction site or in an industrial plant. They move the equipment, assemble it, and setup, and install and repair industrial equipment, machinery and tools. Their tasks include reviewing blueprints and schematics and setting up workstations and preparing machine components and sanding down the pieces to be able to fit in specific machines, and replacing damaged parts.

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3. Fabricator

The national average salary is $58,816 per year

Principal duties: Fabricators design and manufacture the metal components of items including machines, equipment and tools. The job is to cut, bend and form and file pieces of metal in order to meet the specifications of the project. They pick the proper tools, including cutters, shears and dills and soldering irons. They evaluate the finished product, check metal pieces to ensure quality and consistency, and then make the pieces ready to be delivered.

4. Sheet metal mechanic

Average national salary: $64,337 for the year

Principal duties: A sheet metal mechanic accountable to cut, shape and putting in sheet metal components, especially for drainage pipes, roofing air conditioning systems, as well as ventilation pipes. They study the blueprints of a space and cut the sheet to fit in according to the exact dimensions. Metal mechanics cutting and straightening the sheet sheet metal to create seams that are even and apply the finished product.

5. CNC programmer

The national average salary is $65,283 annually

The primary responsibilities of a CNC programmer is accountable to design programs that works with CNC machines that can automatically cut and fabricate items like sheeting made of metal. CNC programmers read diagrams and instructions from the computer to manipulate the materials and create the correct amount of objects. They choose the tools they will utilize, and create an inventory of code to include into their programs, and then enter their ideas into CNC modelling software.

6. Boilermaker

Average national salary: $65,360 per year

Principal duties: A boilermaker is responsible for building and putting in boilers as well as other large containers for transporting liquids and gases. They work with customers on their industrial requirements to decide the kind of boiler they need to build for their facility and then design schematics to meet the specifications. They form and bend the metal to make an airtight vessel that is able to be used safely in extreme pressure and temperatures. Boilermakers visit worksites and observe the gauge of the boiler and adjust to the pipes and perform repairs to the steel body of the boiler.

7. CNC Machinist

The national average salary is $67,360 per annum

Principal duties: A CNC Machinist is responsible for the operation of CNC machinery in manufacturing facilities to make a variety of products, which includes metal parts and structures. CNC machinists must follow the assembly procedures to load materials of metal in the machine and then weld pieces, examine the products they produce to ensure their quality and endurance. The CNC machinist also is responsible for the maintenance of the CNC machine as well as unloading raw materials following the completion of an entire production run.

8. Industrial engineer

The national average salary is $74,344 per year

The primary responsibilities of industrial engineers are to are accountable for evaluating operations in the manufacturing environment and implementing efficient manufacturing processes. In the industry of metal fabrications industrial engineers evaluate the most efficient method of developing metal products, and also ways to source raw materials, design production schedules, train fabrication workers and cut down on the amount of waste. Industrial engineers also are responsible for enhancing quality control techniques and increasing the productivity and efficiency of every producer at the manufacturing floor.

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9. Construction superintendent

The national average salary is $80,920 annually

The primary responsibilities of construction superintendents are responsible for managing the whole process of building the new structure of the client, which includes demolition construction, inspection and construction. They procure all necessary supplies and raw materials like steel scaffolding, girders, concrete sheets, lumber and other materials. Construction supervisors recruit and train experts to cut and shape the infrastructure made of metal for their structures, and then arrange inspectors to inspect the strength of their structures. They also supervise the budget and timeframe of the construction project.

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10. Manager of manufacturing

Average national salary: $84,931 per year

The primary responsibilities of a manufacturing manager is accountable for overseeing the production process in an industrial environment. They oversee the scheduling, planning and management of inventory for the manufacturing team in order to maximize efficiency and to ensure that they meet their production targets. Manufacturing managers instruct workers on the right methods and techniques to complete their particular manufacturing specialties. They also conduct safety-related training and make sure that employees are meeting their expectations in terms of safety and compliance with industry.

11. Metallurgist

Average national salary: $89,408 for the year.

The primary responsibilities of a professional metallurgist studies methods to extract and treat alloys, metals and other elements. They investigate different applications for metals and figure out how to apply the characteristics of particular metals in specific circumstances. The metallurgists determine the most efficient ways to make and process metals that are suitable for commercial use. They provide manufacturers with suggestions on how they can enhance their manufacturing processes and utilize special soldering and shaping methods to create innovative products.

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