Applecare vs AT&T Insurance – Should you pay for a protection plan?

Every few years, the cost of smart gadgets keeps on going up. These devices often come with advanced features to boost user experience.

If you plan on replacing your current iPhone, you need to think about how you can protect it. Though such devices are user-friendly, they can easily get damaged. Different companies, including Apple and carriers such as AT&T, can help you protect your device properly. Find out which of these options you should go for.

What are the differences between Applecare and AT&T insurance?

NameApplecareAT&T insurance
CoverageManufacturing defectsLoss, theft and accidental damage
Warranty periodOne yearTwo years
PriceFree$8.99 per month
Battery replacementFreeFree

Applecare vs. AT&T insurance- How do they compare?

  • Coverage

One of the things that you should focus on as you compare different plans is the coverage level. If you choose to stick to Applecare, you should expect basic coverage. This warranty can protect your device against malfunctions. Paying for AT&T insurance, on the other hand, can help you enjoy better coverage since it covers smartphones against theft and loss, accidental damage, and malfunctions after the limited warranty period is over. AT&T, therefore, has more comprehensive coverage compared to Applecare.

  • Warranty period

Choosing a plan that can cover your device for longer can give you better value for your cash. Though Applecare comes automatically with all Apple devices, it can only protect them for only one year. AT&T insurance, on the other hand, can cover your device for up to two years. It, therefore, has a better warranty period than Applecare.

  • Cost

Applecare can save your cash since it is free. On the other hand, choosing AT&T insurance may cost you $8.99. Apart from this fee, you should also beware of the deductibles that this insurance plan comes with. For instance, the cost of repairing a cracked screen is $49. In this category, Applecare wins since it is more affordable than AT&T insurance.

Applecare vs. AT&T insurance-A comparison overview

Applecare overview

Apple is a top provider of quality smart devices. It not only focuses on developing premium products but also has your interest in mind. That is why you will find that every device from this company comes with a certain warranty. This warranty is referred to as Applecare. Whether you buy a smart device directly from the company or a different retailer, you should beware of the warranty that the device comes with.

Applecare is a limited warranty that can cover a smartphone for a period of one year. As long as you have bought an Apple device, you don’t have to incur more costs for this limited warranty. The company will activate the warranty the day you buy a device such as an iPhone. If, for instance, you accidentally buy a smartphone that has a particular defect, having this warranty can help. You should consider taking the device back to the Apple store. The company can easily replace the device with a better one.

Though Applecare covers manufacturing defects, it is limited since it does not offer cover other instances such as accidental damage. If, for instance, the device’s screen breaks or falls into a swimming pool, Apple will not compensate you if you only relied on this warranty. Despite limited coverage, Applecare comes with complimentary phone support. You can, for instance, get telephone support if you have issues with the setup of your device or connectivity. This should last for 90 days from the day you made the purchase.


  • It includes complimentary support.
  • Can cover your device against manufacturing defects
  • It comes at no cost
  • Every device comes with this warranty


  • Covers fewer instances
  • It only covers your device for one year

AT&T insurance overview

Apart from Applecare, some people also choose AT&T insurance. This phone carrier can help you protect different smart devices with ease. You can purchase this cell phone insurance through AT$T the day you buy your smartphone.

If you choose AT&T insurance, you should set a certain amount aside since it is not free. The cost of this plan begins at $8.99.  In case you choose this insurance plan and the device’s screen cracks, you will have to pay a deductible of $49 to have it fixed. The deductible cost for other damages ranges between $25 and $299 based on the specific device.

Though it is not cheap, it can give you comprehensive coverage. This can cover your device against accidental damage, theft, and loss. It can also cover mechanical defects once the limited warranty that comes with your device ends. AT&T insurance comes with same-day replacements. With this insurance plan, you can make at least two claims in one year. You can also enjoy free battery replacement by choosing this insurance plan.


  • It comes with same-day replacements
  • It covers lots of incidents
  • You can get a device’s battery replaced free of charge
  • You can file for two claims per year


  • It is not free

Verdict: So, which is better? Applecare or AT&T insurance

After comparing Applecare vs. AT&T insurance, we found out why many people choose to pay for a plan rather than relying on a free one. AT&T insurance stands out since it offers a more extended warranty period and covers your device against more instances such as theft, loss, and accidental damage. Though this will cost some cash, you can also enjoy free battery replacements done the same day. Though Applecare comes with quality repairs, it is a limited form of warranty. We, therefore, choose AT&T insurance as the clear winner.


Why should I protect my phone?

Phones and other smart devices keep on getting lost or falling. You can put your mind at rest by getting an ideal protection plan since these can prevent you from incurring high repair costs.

Can I file a claim online when I have been paying for AT&T insurance?

Yes.  This is a great option that can save you from making frequent visits to a store.

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